1. sam-winchester-cries-during-sex:




    peeing while on ur period more like


    I’m sorry but I fucking died.

    So does everyone on this show

    i’m done with this fandom

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  2. Why am I fallmg for sousuke yamazaki

  3. heirofbreath:

    ☼’Cause I’m Mr. Brightside ☼

  4. heirofbreath:

    *wiggles eyebrows* brandon flowers

    I will miss you the more I erase you
    I will shed more tears than today
    Like fate, I won't ever have anyone like you
    As much as my tears, I hope you're happy

    Goodbye my love...

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  5. zodiaccity:

    Zodiac Taurus Facts — Leave it to Taurus to be the ones who see that green light at the end of the tunnel….

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  6. sentences you hear a lot from anime

    愛してる (aishiteru) - i love you
    どうぞ (douzo) - after you
    ほっといて (hottoide) - leave me be
    なんだと (nandato) - what?!

    元気出せ (genki daze) - cheer up!
    めんどくさい (mendokusai) - troublesome
    よし (yoshi) - alright

    おはよう (ohayou) - ohayou
    やった (yatta) - we did it!
    気をつけて (ki wo tsukete) - be careful
    危ない (abunai) - danger
    お願い (onegai) - please
    ごめんあさい (gomennasai) - i’m sorry
    かった (katta) - we won!

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  7. ahscircus:

    american horror story blog

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  8. zodiacchic:

    Want to learn how to read tarot like a pro? Here’s an awesome (free!) online tarot reading that goes step by step.


    dumb family

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